Get your license now!

SideFX is offering Chillennium game jammers a free 2-month Houdini Indie license to jam with! If you would like to receive your license please fill out the form below (or click here). Please note the license period starts from when your request is processed, NOT from when you download the software.

Getting Started

Here a few useful tutorials and other resources to learn more about Houdini and help get you started:

Learn More about Houdini for Game Dev
SideFX's Houdini Tutorials
Luiz' Big List of Game Tutorials
Houdini Basics Series on YouTube by eosacro

If you use Houdini for any of your game projects, SideFX would love to hear about it!
Email Ben Mears, SideFX's Games Community Manager, at or hit him up on Twitter @The_BenMears.